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- since 2001
- 200 patents
- team - 40 engineers
Network of Centers
- Sale
- Service
- Training Centers
and supply
- helicopters
- Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
- Cargo delivery
- Aerotaxi
- Monitoring
Service contracts in B2B
- Emergency Control Ministry
- Medicine
- Energetics
Offices in:
- Switzerland
- Indonesia
- China
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CO2 emissions

Transition to an electric helicopter, an electric plane, an electric drone
Environmental Monitoring Centers (50 evaluation criteria)

Leakage of oil products

Operational monitoring of long-distance and remote power plants by drones
Elimination of consequences of accidents

Pests in agriculture

Monitoring the condition of crops
Processing and protection of crops from pests by drones

Traffic jams

                                         - Aero taxi
                                         - Cargo delivery
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I AM AERO Timeline

2001 We began to produce the aircraft Nestling 21

2004 Beginning of development of design documentation for the helicopter

2006 The first flights of the prototype helicopter R-34

2012 Release of 7 production models / sale of R-34

2018 Token Sale Campaign

2019 Creation of serial production

2020 First models releasing around the world

2020 Taxis implementation in Indonesia, Europe, China, USA

2021 Access to the IPO on NASDAQ

Investments volume plan

Soft Cap 1.0

$ 5.700.000

Creation of serial production of 50 vehicles per year

Soft Cap 1.1

$ 11.800.000

Creation of serial production, more than 100 vehicles per year

Soft Cap 1.2

$ 21.400.000

Creation of serial production, more than 200 vehicles per year and opening of dealer centers in Europe

Hard Cap

$ 44.362.000

Maximum production capacity and opening of dealer centers in Europe, Canada, USA, China and other countries


Tokens distribution

Number of tokens:
70 000 000

Tokens standard:

1 IAM = 1$

Benefits for token buyers

  • IAM Token is directly related to the real business and assets.
    We are manufacturers in ultralight aviation market since 2001.

  • Calculations within IAM AERO ecosystem will be conducted using IAM token. The price of the token on exchange rises according to the increase in demand due to the fact that the number of tokens is limited.
    Exchange tokens at a growing rate due to increase in the company's assets and volume of orders.

  • Quarterly redemption of tokens from the market.
    Output of the IAM token on the exchange at a price of $ 1.5

IAM token growth principle

Tokens Sale: starts – 1.04.2018 / ends 1.10.18


-38% discount

1 IAM = 0.62 $


1,000,000 IAM

Round A

-33% discount

1 IAM = 0.67 $


1,500,000 IAM

Round B

-24% discount

1 IAM = 0.76 $

Start after round A

3,000,000 IAM

Round C

-11.7% discount

1 IAM = 0.88 $

Start after round B

9,000,000 IAM

Round D

-7% discount

1 IAM = 0.93 $

Start after round C

35,000,000 IAM

Investments distribution

Distribution of tokens

  • 29% IAM AERO Company

  • 71% Token Sale Participants

Token Sale resources distribution

  • 60% Production

  • 10% Marketing

  • 10% Dealer centers

  • 10% Creating taxi

  • 7% Administrational expenses

  • 3% Blockchain implementation

We manufacture the following models of aircraft:

Nestling 21

Nestling 21

The best aircraft for initial training and personal use. All-weather, the presence of heating and ventilation. Easily managed, does not fall into the "corkscrew". The best layout "side by side".


from $34.500

Buy it
Helicopter R-34

Helicopter R-34

Ultra-light coaxial helicopter. The machine successfully combines new engineering solutions, compactness, low noise level, affordable price, convenience and ease of use make R-34 helicopters the most affordable for private pilots.

from 160.000 $

Buy it
Aerobot A-34

Aerobot A-34

The best solution for logistics and monitoring! Large lifting capacity up to 200kg. Work in UAV and DUAV modes.  

from 150.000 $

Buy it
Effective production

Blockchain will make production more effective. The ability for us to maintain a single register of the company's parts and aircraft.

Monitoring of data on pilots and their flight training

Blokchain will make a reliable base of qualified pilots and a transparent understanding of their training. This will avoid accidents and other problems

Monitoring and objective data on the flight of the helicopter itself

The helicopter is a vehicle of increased danger and Blockchain is needed to monitor the data on the flight hours and its technical condition. The record of the register of data will allow to stop the breakdown in time and will not allow unscrupulous sellers to replace or hide the facts of the lack of maintenance of the aircraft.

This is how blockchain works
in the ecosystem of I AM AERO

how it work

Our team

Alexander Kosachev

Founder. CEO. Graduated from the Ufa State Aviation Technical University. Has working experience in the fuel and energy sector. More than 15 years leads small and medium-sized businesses. Has experience in organizing international sales, including markets in Europe and Asia. The founder and head of the company for the production of ultra-light aircraft.

Daria Volkova

Co-founder, head of marketing. Graduated from the Peoples' Friendship University in 2011. More than 7 years of experience in the field of advertising and marketing. The main specialization is digital marketing, analytics and creativity. Responsible for the integrated promotion of aircraft in the domestic and foreign markets.

Sergey Mikryukov

Founder. Technical Director. Education: Voroshilovgrad Higher Military Aviation School of navigators; Y.A. Gagarin Air Force Academy; Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. More than 30 years in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, more than 10 years of experience in the management of a number of large aviation enterprises in Russia. He was awarded the Orders "For military service" and the medal "For Valiant Labor"

Boris Gubarev

Chief Designer. Honored Designer of the Russian Federation, Candidate of Technical Sciences. The total length of service in the field of aircraft and helicopter construction is more than 40 years. The author of more than 50 patents for inventions. Project manager and chief designer of a number of civil and military helicopters. Specialization: project management, the general layout of aircraft, the search for new technical solutions, the creation of the concept of an aircraft.

Boris Podnebesnov

Project Manager of Helicopter R-33. Responsible for the development and refinement of a design of a helicopter, new perspective developments. Work experience in the aviation industry for more than 42 years. Has passed the way from the designer to the head of the design department, working in several helicopter companies. Has a number of copyright certificates and registered patents.

Alexander Mikhailov

Specialist in highly responsible products. Professional specialization - development of the helicopter carrier system (author of more than 10 inventions). More than 40 years of work in major aviation design bureaus of Russia. Participant in the development of 7 models of helicopters.

Yuriy Neganov

Production manager. Business profile: automation of production and robotics. Is an expert in the field of additive production technologies, 3D modeling and prototyping. Responsible for organizing and launching a full production cycle.

Rev Heghai

Leading designer. Honored Designer of the Russian Federation. Professional specialization - helicopter control system, chassis design. More than 40 years of work in leading aircraft design bureaus of Russia. The author of 5 inventions on the helicopter control system and chassis harvesting mechanisms. The developer of 8 helicopter models.

Denis Gubarev

Head of the Design Bureau. Professional specialization: aerodynamics of a helicopter, certification of aviation equipment. More than 15 years in the field of aircraft and helicopter construction. The last 6 years is engaged in the certification of helicopter equipment.

Sergey Tanygin

Head of the direction of production automation systems, programmer. Business profile - programming and developing solutions for industrial systems. Work experience more than 15 years. The last 3 years he has been engaged in the design and development of Blockchain systems, fault-tolerant systems - large data processing systems, writing of smart contracts.


Alexander Onikienko

ICO expert and investor.
The owner of the digital agency "Zapuskator." Experience more than 10 years in marketing in Russia, the United States and Asia. Expert in ICO Banch and International Blockchain Experts Association.

Viktor Belov

Owner of «BelovLab», the creator of more than 100 smart contracts.
Partner in Cryptoindex - invest company.

Dmitry Kulikov

More than 6 years of consulting families in the field of investment citizenship and asset management. Manager of the Closed Trust Fund in London. Founder and CEO of St. Gallen - finance boutique.

Ilya Khanykov

Financial sector executive turned high-tech entrepreneur with experience in internet, agtech, biotech and aviation.

Nik Bezhko

CreativeRussia founder, community building, creative direction, web-design and development.

Toomas Allmere

Multifaceted finance executive with more than 25 years of experience across a diverse set of industries. Adept at ICO (ITL) and blockchain technology. ICObench.com expert.

Roman Kozlovsky

Provides legal consulting services from private clients to complex legal support of business, is responsible for interaction with public authorities and participation in negotiations of conducted transactions parties.

Vladislav Nikitenkov

Vladislav has more than 5 years of experience promoting brands, launching marketing campaigns. For more than a year he has been engaged in marketing regarding to ICO, TGE and ITO projects. Vladislav is the general director of the leading marketing agency ADDIVINE with more than 20 employees. He is also a founder of The Coin Shark's crypt currency.

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IAM tokens are used as an internal currency. It can buy goods, as well as pay for flights to the air taxi.
IAM will be placed on most world crypto-exchanges (as a marketing channel for obtaining new token holders) In this regard, IAM holders will have many advantages along with the usual functionality of crypto currency. IAM can be used anywhere in the world. The IAM Token can be useful for ordinary users, acting as an analogue of a payment instrument.
No, IAM is an utility token. In the future, the company plans to switch to security token. Going to an IPO on NASDAQ, getting all the necessary licenses. Exchange of tokens for company shares.
There is no minimum threshold. If the project does not collect the required amount, then the remaining tokens go to the exchange 1 IAM = 1,5 USD
When the sale of the tokens is over, we will immediately register the IAM token - with little or no delay. We aspire to register it on all major exchanges. The exact list will be provided after the last round of sales of tokens.
For 1 dollar you will receive 1 IAM token. The additional discount depends on the Round of sale of the tokens in which you participate.
To date, the company has developed IAM exclusively as a means of attracting investment, but in the future, the range of their application can be expanded.
IAM AERO is not a start-up and offers no blockchain innovations. Nevertheless, an ultralight helicopter and a drone with a coaxial screw arrangement are a unique invention that can change the lives of millions of people and it will be implemented in practice, regardless of the number of investments attracted by the token sale. We dare to hope that the entrance to the market of crypto currency will help many companies and slightly improve the current picture of the countless promising ICO.
IAM AERO has been financing R & D since 2003 solely at its own expense to make this invention part of the lives of millions of people around the world. IAM AERO is convinced that monitoring the production of spare parts for aviation and training pilots requires careful monitoring. With the help of blockade technology, IAM AERO plans to create a single community, an ecosystem, removing existing barriers to investment and giving everyone the opportunity to become part of a multimillion-dollar business, as well as to influence the company's development policy. IAM AERO project could not reach this scale if traditional methods of attracting investments are used.